In Memorial To An Astounding Friend

Getting notice that a close one has passed never goes easy on a person. Especially not when there’s a 9 year old waiting inside to chow down on some cake for his birthday, and he has no idea why everyone is suddenly silently hiding-sad.

The magnificent thing that we can know about those who have left us is that they’re completely free now, from all burdens and restraints holding them back.

And the most beautiful part of it is that we know that they’re gloriously happy, and that they’re safe in the hands of God.

We know that they are doing what they love, so they never work a single moment they’re away from us. True beauty isn’t found on the outside of us, for we wither with age and our appearances change. True beauty is found in the deeds we do, actions we take to help others, and the astounding creations that we leave behind on Earth.

And although a dear friend is now gone from our side, I know that he still resides within all that truly cared for him, and all he truly cared for. His memory is able to live on forever through his writing, and through his thoughts he claimed to paper, just like all great people that ventured from the world.

A. R. Teller

Denis Ahearn (9/21/1950-1/7/2019) Pen-name Denis Ian

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