Perhaps one of the saddest sights in life is not the view of a lost love or even the loss of yourself, but the actual finding of yourself.

This, of course, is me referring to ‘The End.’ Not the end of your life, now don’t be silly!

I am, however, talking about the end of school. The days when all teachers abandon their things from their classrooms, bring home all their personal possessions. The students pushed along throughout the hallways discarding all their knowledge into the waste bins.

Things that had been lost in the beginning of the year are miraculously found, including some students finding themselves.

The ones that leave will shed some tears. Those ones, you know, have already found themselves. Their lockers become empty, and their hearts become full.

Younger students don’t understand why the elders are sad, they only see play and time away from lagging in jail.

But seniors see more. They see the memories in each classroom, dreams they had envisioned in class, ideas they may have forgotten. They see the dust on the bookshelves from years ago, they see it as knowledge unknown to the world. Or at least, to their class.

Seniors can sense the relationships that will fade when they part ways, and see relationships that will survive the obstacles others will fail at.

They, in a way, are the most like magicians. They are the ones that can see further into the future than anyone else, yet they’re the ones that have their entire future still in front of them.

A.R. Teller

2 thoughts on “Senior”

  1. My favorite line … “Things that had been lost in the beginning of the year are miraculously found, including some students finding themselves.”
    For lots and lots of years, I taught only freshmen and seniors. I saw them loop their high school years in my room … with me as witness. I marveled at those who did actually find themselves before they drifted away. I suspect those fortunate souls made lots more of their lives than others.
    Prove me right.
    And good luck.

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