I was sitting outside on the porch watching as the cars whizzed by.

The stars shone down on me casting dancing shadows along the pavement, stretching every blade of grass to become towering creatures.

Everything was peaceful and quiet, not even the crickets were awake. Bats fluttered their wings diving towards the earth but quickly retracted as they sensed me sitting there.

I looked up to the heavens after marvelling at the intricate structures of the matter around me, wondering what unknown troves and frontiers were to be discovered beyond our little planet.


Suddenly, I heard rusty leaves creaking and I jolted back to reality. A shadow appeared on the dew covered grass, one with a cat-like shape. Slowly a creature with ears of fire came into my sight, with a large puffy tail of flames. Its dark eyes pierced through my body to my soul as my heart stopped and my body froze.

Its bitter cold gaze moved past me as I didn’t dare to move a single muscle, and it eventually drifted its gaze to a larger shadow coming from the other side of me.


It jerked away from locking eyes with me to look ahead, seeing the larger shadow moving closer, before it turned and vanished in the blink of an eye. The larger shadow drew closer just as the smaller one did, oblivious to my presence, minding it’s own business.

This creature had true horns, ones that twisted and turned a glorious path and came to multiple points atop its thick head. It calmly walked past me, as I was still unnoticed, and majestically placed one hoof in front of the other in a dream-like state of consciousness.


The streetlight flickered as it walked under it, and the face of the creature was lost in the darkness, just the same as my mind lost to the stars as I once again imagined a world beyond our magnificent own.

A. R. Teller

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