Pictures and People

I loved having late night conversations and getting so out of it.

Going deep with discussing life. Getting to a universe-span feeling inside, when it was so unbelievably surreal and incredible.

Like who are we?

Why are we here?

What if headaches are just our mind thinking things too advanced, that could destroy another timeline?!

Live for the questions,

Live for yourself,

Live with a goal,

Synced to your mental-spiritual goals, not to a physical object or person.

If you obsess, they’re not the one.

I do wonder though, if you still remember those hour-long conversations we had, or those moments of revelation about eachother and the world around us, or if you still have those hundreds of photos I drew close to … maybe you deleted them, never to be seen by another person again.

Faded from the physical world, from all senses of all living things, now unrecoverable, through time, space and the internet.

Merely existing in the far depths of your mind … and mine, slowly fading, permanently.

A.R. Teller

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