Maybe We’re Alone

I hear nothing...” whispered the boy sitting on his bed.

Maybe we’re alone,” responded the babysitter, “and we can see what happened.”

The two rise up to start out the front door.

Wait! Let me grab a flashlight. There should be one around here somewhere...” The boy searches the room until he grasps a small light. He turns it on, and it illuminates the entire room.

The two begin out the door only to be greeted by an abyssal darkness. No street lights were on in the town, and not a single light could be seen except their own. Darkness. For miles.

Do you think anyone else knows what happened?

The girl paused for a moment. “Indubitably,” she spoke, staring ahead. The boy looked at her, then followed her gaze to a movement on the ground a couple feet away from them. The boy gasped as a dark creature slithered up a tree.

Maybe we should go back inside,” he said, slowly backing away from the girl and into the frame of the door. She slowly backed into the door too, and the boy quickly shut the door behind her. He turned to her with tears in his eyes, “What do we do?” She looked at him, then thought a moment.

Maybe we can call someone?” She pulled her phone out of her pocket… But to her amazement, it was dead. “What the… This was charged a little while ago.” She stared dumbfoundedly at her phone until she snaps out of it a moment later.

Suddenly, the door next to them begins shaking back and forth. The doorknob slowly turns as the two freeze and watch. She puts her hand on the knob, but then quickly jerks her hand away and gasps in pain as she looks down to see blisters on her palm. The knob sizzles and the door stops shaking. The two gaze at her hand.

It’s burning…” The boy says as he examines the knob.

Let’s go somewhere else!” she whimpers while grasping her blistering hand. The boy starts away from the door and she gladly follows.

Do you want to soak it in icy water?” He asks, feeling bad that she got hurt.

That might help,” she responded slowly. They head into the bathroom and the boy turns on the faucets in the sink.

They wait a moment, but no water comes out. “Maybe the tub?” She asks desperately, her knuckles white from gripping so hard. He runs over to the tub and turns the faucet. She suddenly lets out a sigh of relief as she plunges her hand into the frigid tub water.

What do you think that.. Thing.. Was outside the door?” He gazes back towards the red-hot doorknob.

I have no idea,” she said, “and I don’t want to know. As long as it doesn’t find a way in here, I think we’ll be safe.

She turns to look at her hand in the water. The water is curiously murky. She can’t see the bottom of the tub, or even her fingers. She shrugs it off.

I’m going to go get a water bottle, do you want one too?” The boy gazes to her as he shines the flashlight on her. She squints, the light in her eyes, and plainly nods.

He exits the room, leaving her again in complete darkness with nothing but herself and her dead phone. She can hear him open the fridge in the other room, but can’t see the light he had. And quietly, so quietly, she heard dripping. As if it were inside the walls.. Or worse.. Underneath her.

Then she felt the water in the tub move subtly. As if there were tiny ripples in the water, cascading over her wrist still submerged.

Hurry up!” She yells as quiet as she could, “I don’t like the dark.” She waited a moment. There was no response. “Come on, this isn’t cool. Hurry up, I want to see if my hand is any better.

A moment later. Still no response. Then, as if it were planned, the lights flicker on at that very moment, and she hears the boy let out a cringing scream.

Then all is dark. She abruptly tries to stand up, but stumbles back to the ground. Her hand is stuck. In the bathtub… With long, gray fingers wrapped around her wrist.


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