A Chance

My kids are anything but common” read the wristband.

It sat on the jewelry box, collecting dust, because the kids didn’t realize this. They didn’t see that they were any different from anyone else their age.

They were just … a blip on radar. But a blip on radar is not just a statistic. A blip on radar can save lives. A blip on radar can do anything, really … and these kids, that were anything but common, deserved a chance to be anything but common.

To develop their own identities, and to cherish the things in life others neglected.

So she sat on her bed, contemplating life once again, like she did every night, thinking about what it meant, and who she was, and why she was here.

And suddenly, it hit her. She was her. No-one else could be her. She was, as the wristband said, “not common.” In fact, she was so uncommon that there was only one of her. And there would only be one of her, for the rest of time as time exists. Eternity.

She was a girl that was given the chance. The chance to be alive, the chance to be loved, and the chance to be an individual. She was a burden at first, and she came to realize this, but soon she came to realize that she was also a blessing.

The people that raised her … they deserved a chance too, a chance to say that they did it right, and that their baby girl grew up, into an exquisite young woman with her entire life ahead of her.

And that baby girl found her forever home. Because a home isn’t just the place you live, it is the place that you can be yourself, whether home is under a roof, or with the people you love, or a destination. And her forever home was with her parents.

They gave her the chance most other kids were not fortunate enough to have. She had the chance to be uncommon, rare, one-of-a-kind. No one could truly categorize her because she was so diverse.

But above all, these parents looked at this baby girl and said, “she deserves a chance.” But as time went on, this girl did grow up, and knowing this, she said, “they deserve a chance.

So she became a caring young woman, who believed everyone deserves a chance. Whether it’s in sports, being friends, or even a chance at life, she instituted her time and effort to give back to the people who made her chance into a reality.

She’s giving back now, to her entire community. Her entire country. Because she knows, “a chance is worth one in a million.”

A.R. Teller

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