Street Lights

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Street Lights


I was sitting in a diner, only a couple of people around, having their own conversations, taking their time with every movement they made.

I sipped on my sprite and looked at the clock on the wall, seeing how slowly the seconds ticked by. I watched as the bubbles from my soda rose to the top of my drink, popping as they passed the ice and hit the surface.

The cars outside drove by slowly, like no one was in a rush for once. Piano Man played quietly on the radio, and the sizzling of the stovetop hissed as person by person walked out leaving nothing but their dirty plates and a few crumpled dollars where they had been sitting.

Behind me, an older man sipped his coffee, gazing outside to the road dimly lit by streetlights, watching people walk by. He slowly turned his head…

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1 thought on “Street Lights”

  1. An unusual piece in lots of ways. The author is a youngish lady … with mature command of the language … and in control of her prose. It’s stylish and mechanically strong. And she has a graceful method of story-telling … unforced and clolored with these wonderful … almost anecdotal … descriptions that last a short while but linger a long while.
    And the topic tackles an issue most teenagers can’t see … or won’t see. A mature batch of sentiments without sounding prudish or priggish … or stuffy.

    Peculiar … in a very fine way. Let’s have more.

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