What If…?

Our universe is afloat in space.

Everything in the galaxy has mass, which gives it its gravitational force.

So, how is it possible to have our planets levitating around the sun?

What is causing the sun to remain where it is?

The universe is a curious place.. What would our world be like if our solar system was a few feet lower or higher than it is?


There must be an end to our universe, or else there would be an infinite amount of space, which is technically impossible, unless we’re in an infinite loop?

Otherwise, there would be no gravitational forces, no pressure, nothing keeping the universe or even our galaxy itself in its current shape.

Years ago, we believed we were the center of the galaxy and everything orbited around us.

Years ago, we believed that our galaxy was the only galaxy in existence.


Then we learned that there are a giant multitude of galaxies, with their own suns, stars and planets… so, that begs the question; What will we know in a few years that will be disproven, then even many more years from now?

Essentially everything we know today about this world is a lie. Only a few select things in this world are true, that we “know.”

Imagine that everything we know about this solar system IS a lie.

That we aren’t actually floating in space, but actually perpetually falling downward, toward an infinite abyss of darkness and emptiness, along with all the universes around us.


That one day, we may hit the bottom. That our giant rock will crash. That one day, out-of-nowhere we are wiped out of existence, because our planet has reached the end of its journey.

Imagine that one time that you dreamt that you were falling, an infinite fall.

What if … that is our subconscious mind putting us in the same position that our universe is currently in; falling for infinity, never reaching the bottom, but constantly in fear, bracing for the final impact.

A. R. Teller

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