Losing Memory

Imagine having a pill that could erase any memory of your choosing.

Would you take it?

Some may say yes, while others would say no, but why is this the case?

As people grow and live their lives, they experience things they never wished to know or to see. So, they would say yes to the chance to erase their memory.

Other people would disagree, including me, for every moment you experience in life shapes you to be who you are and who you will be in life.

Without the mistakes we’ve experienced in life, there’s no way to learn and develop new things in our futures.

Completely erasing a memory, forever, could destroy who you truly should be.

There would be no way to get that memory back, so a mistake erased would be bound to happen again.

What we do in our lives are our lessons in life, ones we need to experience in order to grow and develop as human beings to be our true selves.

A. R. Teller

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